Ukulele Ensemble

Drawing on the flawless tonal qualities of the Ukulele and its sheer power bringing a smile to anyone.
2 x 45 minute Shows
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
Manchester, UK

Formed in 2012, Ukebox quickly filled bars and clubs throughout the UK with their unique set up and sound. It wasn’t long before the wider world came calling. Having travelled across 6 continents and over 70 countries, including festivals in Australia and New Zealand and tours in China, Ukebox are conquering the world one show at a time.

They throw the ukulele rulebook out of the window with their captivating show. While you are drawn in by their catchy melodies, 4-part harmony and unique arrangements, you’ll be entertained by their stage presence and charm. Going from strength to strength off the back of a performance at the G7 Summit and The London Palladium, don’t miss your chance to experience an audio and visual pleasure for all.


Ukulele Ensemble