Paul Fredericks

Vocal Comedy Entertainer

Outstanding vocal performer and natural comedic humour.
2 x 45 minute Shows
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
Bristol, UK

PAUL FREDERICKS - cruise-ship-entertainment

Paul Fredericks continues to entertain audiences all over the world with his own brand of humour and astounding singing voice.

Since leaving The New Vaudeville Band, recording stars of the eight million-selling record “Winchester Cathedral” with whom he spent twelve years travelling the world, Paul’s solo career has gone from strength to strength.

His unique vocal style and four-octave range, coupled with an eclectic choice of material, ranging from modern arrangements of sixties and seventies “gems”, an occasional classical and West-End favourite, right up to modern day hits, ensures his ability to reach any audience!

Justifiably described as a “fine singer and funny as well”, he revels in his comedic ability to punctuate his incredible vocal performance with clean, anecdotal and observational humour.

His television and radio pedigree is impeccable and includes numerous appearances throughout his career

Paul Fredericks is a well-travelled and seasoned performer with a wealth of experience at his fingertips.


Paul Fredericks
Comedy Vocal Instrumentalist