John Lory


John Lory relies entirely on his natural comic ability, John is one of the very few comedians on the circuit today who can bridge that gap between Mainstream and Alternative humour.
1 x 45 minute show OR 2 x 30 minute shows
1 x 30 minute Late Night Comedy Show
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
London Heathrow, UK

From an early age, John was destined to spend his life doing one thing, and one thing only…. making people laugh!

His professional career began in the early 90’s and much of this success has been attributed to one thing, his unique ability to subtly bridge the gap between mainstream and alternative humour, a feat few other comics can achieve. From a cheeky ‘family friendly’ show to a more risqué set for his ‘adult only’ nights, John effortlessly adjusts to any environment.

Simply put, John Lory is a very funny man, and anyone who has seen him work will agree that it is his sheer force of personality and audience contact that makes him quite literally, ‘the face of comedy today’!


John Lory