David Arnold


David Arnold has performed all over the UK for some of the country’s biggest promoters. He has shared the stage with many of today’s crop of TV talent, performed at some major UK festivals & has won critical acclaim in competitions such as So You Think You’re Funny & The South Coast!
2 x 45 minute Shows
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
London Heathrow, UK

David Arnold is a loveable Welshman who never fails to deliver a knock-out performance that has his audience laughing throughout. With a smiley, overly excitable delivery, David effortlessly blends modern day humour, storytelling and visual comedy with classic gags, ensuring that everyone in the audience will be thoroughly entertained.

His ability to tailor his performance to audiences of all ages and demographics has earned him a reputation as one of UK’s brightest talents and one not to be missed.

In over a decade on the circuit, he has shared the stage with some of the biggest names, performed at world-renowned festivals and has had critical acclaim in competitions such as So You Think You’re Funny and the British Comedian of the Year.

Expect tall tales, big laughs, and the occasional groan from one of the best-kept secrets on the UK comedy scene.


David Arnold