Bruce Anderson

Vocal Entertainer

“Buble and Beyond” and “A night at the Popera” these amazing performances show the versatility with crossover versions of the worlds biggest stars.
2 x 45 minute Shows
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
London, UK

Bruce Anderson is one of the most versatile vocalists providing music across the genres from Classical to Easy Listening right through to Rock, Swing, Classical crossover and Pop.

Bruce has performed from Opera Houses to Glastonbury with Coldplay and entertained Royalty including The Prince Of Bahrain and HRH Prince Charles. Now spending much of his time as headline vocalist for cruise companies, he has been pleasing his audiences all over the world delivering world class performances.

Having won numerous awards throughout his career, including The Welsh Vocalist of the Year and The British National Music Federation Male Vocalist. Proof, if any were needed, of the increasing high regard in which he is held.

Bruce continues to perform all over the world entertaining many international audiences as far afield as the Caribbean, Canada, Canary Islands, Europe, America & Asia.

His personality adds comedic humour to his shows and this combined with his incredible voice makes for a truly outstanding and unforgettable performance not to be missed.


Bruce Anderson