Brass Lyrical

Multi Instrumental Speciality Duo

Brass Lyrical invite you to enjoy a unique musical speciality show, making the weird wonderful. This is fun as it is classy with a sprinkle of humour!
2 x 45 minute Shows
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
Manchester, UK

Brass Lyrical is a musical speciality duo consisting of the versatile comedy vocalist K-Lo and the exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist vocalist Mike Snow. Their individual vocal talents and exquisite harmonies mean the show is, of course, a delight to listen to but it is also fascinating to watch, with special guest appearances from a collection of pots and pans, a watering can and even a hose pipe!

Fun-filled yet simultaneously sophisticated, Brass Lyrical has reinvented the songs you love and given them an exciting and entertaining twist. With a generous helping of humour and a few surprises along the way, Brass Lyrical look forward to taking you on a wonderful musical journey.


Between them, K-Lo and Snow have enjoyed many highlights in their respective musical careers. These include performances at Glastonbury, the Royal Symphony Hall and London’s West End to name just a few. Mike also has television and radio credits to his name. They look forward to creating more magical musical memories with Brass Lyrical.


Brass Lyrical
Multi Instrumental Vocal Harmony Duo