Eve Sherratt

International Vocalist

International award winning vocalist who has performed all over the world.
2 x 45 minute Comedy Shows
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
Cardiff, UK

Eve is an international award winning female vocalist who has performed all over the world entertaining audiences with her own renditions of many familiar songs and musical pieces.

Although singing wasn’t her first vocation, it soon became obvious what this lady was born to do. Her many television appearances over the years include BBC 2 Voice of Musical theatre, BBC 1 Star for a Night, BBC 2 Entertainers to name just a few.

Eve has many awards including winner of the ‘Wales and Midland Entertainer’s Award’ for six consecutive years and recent winner of the ‘Blackpool Entertainers Federation Award’. Eve has recently completed her second album ‘Journey’ following the phenomenal success of her first album ‘Time & Again’ and is currently touring theatres and entertaining on cruise liners all over the world.

Eve recently starred in Lord Andrew Lloyd Webbers one woman show ‘Tell Me on a Sunday’ and includes many songs from the musicals, combining most music styles and eras for everyone to enjoy.

An article in ‘The Stage’ newspaper written by a leading figure in the cruise and entertainment industry wrote:

‘Nobody does it like me! And I dare say no one does, after all, who else but Eve Sherratt could combine light opera with mainstream cabaret and even throw in such copious dollops of humour to boot? A representative of a market-leading company in the cruise business told me recently that Eve Sherratt was his current favourite female solo artist. I can only say that Sherratt is entirely natural in terms of her stage persona, dresses elegantly, sings superbly, but more than anything else she is a born entertainer who, in any other age in show business, would be an enormous star on television by now.’

Bill Woolland