Billy Flywheel

Comedy Mentalist

The Amazing Mentalist who knows what you’re thinking. Audience interactive filled with laughter and pure awe!
1 x 45 minute Show
1 x 25 minute Show
UK and International (English speaking)
United Kingdom
Home Airport
Manchester, UK

BILLY FLYWHEEL is the Amazing Mentalist, who knows what you’re thinking!

He will get inside your mind and have you wracking your brains at the outcome of some amazing happenings in this most unique show. Numerous Celebrities who he has worked and toured with have hailed his show performances as ‘Incredibly Mind blowing’ and ‘Absolutely Sensational’.

Some of the mind blowing routines often included are:-

A number of books including Autobiographies, will be offered to a member of the audience and they will select one of them and will then read a randomly selected page silently. Billy will then recite paragraphs from the page, without ever looking at the book.

He will ask three people to think of a famous person who’s dead or alive, and then using histelepathic ESP Powers, will tell them who they are thinking of.

There is a moment of craziness, using a person’s mobile phone with an ending that will leave everyone amazed.

There is a Strength and Bravery Test that is hilariously funny, but will have everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation at what could happen.

He will bring along a signed letter from a Doctor in a sealed envelope regarding a medical problem, and when opened, the audience is wonderstruck at what is read out.

In an incredible finale to the show, using six members of the audience and a Yellow Pages book that lists over 200,000 telephone numbers and Business names, Billy will predict both the telephone number and the business name selected by an audience volunteer.

Billy is a hugely popular choice on the Corporate and After dinner circuit and his mesmerising show is a hit with any kind of audience be it single or mixed.


Billy Flywheel
Comedy Mentalist